Stefanie & Caleb Rouse


We are Stefanie and Caleb Rouse. Lovers of Jesus, husband and wife best friends, true loves and business partners.

We have been married over 8 years, and just moved from Los Angeles, CA to Pittsburgh, PA to live in our first house with sweet Honey Bear (the Pomeranian). We have family in both locations and will be visiting LA a lot.

We are digital creators who hope to empower you in the areas of FAITH, RELATIONSHIP, TRAVEL.  

Thanks so much for being here and supporting our small business!

Stefanie's Masters is in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary with a focus in Theology. Caleb’s Masters is in Education from Azusa Pacific University. Together we are writers, mentors, and speakers who empower people to thrive in their relationship with God and others as we are growing in these areas as well. 

We LOVE connecting with you! You are loved beyond measure by the creator of the Universe!


Relationship Coaching

Your relationships can be a source of one of your greatest joys or frustrations. Learning how to stop negative patterns, heal from past heartbreak, learn positive ways to interact, is key to so much joy in your life.

Being coached on how to have a healthy, thriving relationship will be something you invest in that your future self will thank you for. 

Our private coaching offers  a personal option for our clients to receive mentoring in the area of relationships. 

Limited spots available for private coaching, so if you are interested be sure to book your spot now! Once you book, you will be taken to a page to schedule a time to talk to either Caleb or Stefanie. 

Marriage Coaching

Marriage matters. You've often heard the phrase "happy wife happy life" but we believe it takes both husband and wife to feel full, whole, loved and cherished within the marriage.

You may be experiencing a dull marriage or one that feels full of tension. You see yourself falling into the same patterns you saw other unhealthy examples of relationships in life. The worries of life are getting to you both. The differences you once loved about each other have been pulling you apart.

Check out our Book!

Learning to talk to God on a daily basis is the perfect way to help you grow your devotion and discover how He is always there to guide you through both the good and difficult times. Featuring a new entry each day, A Year of Prayer encourages you to build a prayer practice that will deepen your love for God, others, and yourself.


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