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  • 😩 Tired of swiping left on your love life and endless dating apps that lead nowhere?
  • 🤔 Overwhelmed by how to approach relationships in a modern, yet godly way?
  • 😒 Fed up with surface-level chats and relationships that fizzle out before they even start?
  • thinking
  • 🛌 Ever lay in bed, scrolling through social media, wondering if you're destined for a life of loneliness?
  • 👀 Scared you might settle just to avoid being alone?
  • 😥 Discouraged by the high divorce rates, questioning if a lifelong commitment is even possible?
  • 🚫 Feel like you've hit a wall when it comes to personal growth and relationship readiness?
  • 🤷 Wondering where all the good, genuine men or women have gone?
  • ⏳ "I'll just wait until the right guy/girl shows up" but worried he may never walk through the door?

Say no more.

Welcome to Love Launchpad, where:

  • 🚀 Authenticity Over Algorithms: At Love Launchpad, you can take off your mask and enjoy genuine connections.
  • 📚 Expert-Led Trainings: Prepare for a marriage that's rooted in love, faith, and lifelong commitment.
  • 🌱 Growth-Focused Community: Learn actionable steps to move from feeling stuck to thriving in life and love.
  • 💕 Be Seen, Known, and Loved: Experience the joy of a community that truly values you for you.
  • 🙏 Spiritual Foundations: Strengthen your relationship with God while seeking His plan for your love life.
  • 🔄 Constant Support: Your questions answered, your worries heard—24/7 community support.
  • 👫 Meet Like-Minded Singles: No more wondering where all the good men or women are. You'll meet them here!

Don't settle for a love that's less than you deserve. Your ultimate relationship—and a life of abundance and fulfillment—starts here at Love Launchpad.

Feeling Worried, 

Unfulfilled or Stuck in Your Season of Singleness?

You're not alone. Many singles grapple with worry, loneliness, insecurity, and incessant pressure. Instead, of this season bringing peace and growth, it feels like an unending loop of disappointment or fear. What if you could keep a great relationship thriving? What if you could grow in this season? What if you could be set up for the best foundation for your future marriage, while feeling free, known, seen and loved?



What if You Could Shift Your Perspective and Truly Thrive?

Imagine transforming your single season from a period of waiting to a season bursting with potential and personal growth. What if you could gain more clarity on your life's purpose, dive deep into your relationship with God, and prepare yourself for a future marriage built on a strong foundation?


Introducing Love Launchpad —

Your Transformation Awaits

Are you ready to elevate your life and relationships like never before? Welcome to Love Launchpad—a dynamic, life-changing community created with your spiritual and relational growth in mind. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of transformative tools, invaluable resources, God-centered counsel, and amazing community designed to help you not merely survive your single life, but to fully thrive in it. 

This community is accessible through our app and any internet browser. 

Your trusted relationship coaches, Caleb and Stefanie Rouse, bring a decade of learning in their marriage and their professional expertise as relationship counselors to the table, ensuring that your journey is nothing short of incredible. The vibrant community you'll be a part of is not just a resource; it's a revelation that will catapult you towards the fulfilling, abundant life God has planned for you. We want to create a space where you are known, seen and loved. A place to build the best foundation for your future marriage. Are you ready for your transformation? It awaits you here at Love Launchpad!

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Here's what's included:

What You'll Get Inside Love Launchpad:

🌟 Monthly Group Q&A Calls and Coaching: Engage in enlightening monthly calls where you'll get answers to your burning questions, both biblical and practical, about navigating the nuanced world of modern dating. Receive direct coaching that will empower you to form meaningful connections.

🌟 Monthly Masterclass Teachings: Get exclusive access to our in-depth Masterclasses that unravel the secrets to a fulfilling single life and a future relationship founded on godly principles. These teachings are specially curated to equip you for your journey toward love.

🌟 Community Support and Encouragement: Step into a circle of faith-filled individuals who truly get you. From prayer buddies to friendship circles, you'll never feel alone. The support and encouragement from our community are both constant and uplifting, helping you live your best life now.

🌟 Monthly Challenges: Take part in inspiring and fun challenges designed to propel you towards personal growth and relational understanding. Each month brings a new opportunity to stretch your comfort zone and collect wins in your single life journey.

🌟 Member Spotlights: Be inspired by stories of transformation and faith through our monthly Member Spotlights. Learn how others have broken through obstacles and how you can apply those same principles in your life.

🌟 Specialized Chats for Connections: Whether it's sharing prayer requests, introducing yourself, or discussing specific interests like travel, books, or career goals, our various chat rooms provide a safe space for you to connect on multiple levels.

🌟 Prayer Requests & Spiritual Encouragement: Have a need? Share it. Have a praise? Celebrate it. In our community, you're free to ask for prayer and offer spiritual encouragement, creating a cycle of blessings and testimonies.

Love Launchpad is more than a community; it's a launchpad for transformation, connection, and spiritual growth. Together, we'll journey towards the life of abundance God has planned for you. 


How to Unleash the Best Version of Your Single Life

Your Life-Changing Benefits with Love Launchpad:

Unshakable Confidence: Step into a newfound sense of self-assurance that elevates every aspect of your life, from career to friendships and, of course, love.

Clarity In Decisions: Eliminate the fog of uncertainty, gaining a crystal-clear vision for what you desire in a fulfilling relationship and life.

Emotional Freedom: Shed the weight of past emotional baggage and traumas, opening the door to unconditional love for yourself and others.

Unbreakable Bonds: Build genuine relationships that transcend small talk; find your tribe, your accountability partners, and perhaps your future spouse.

Unstoppable Momentum: Leverage actionable wisdom and a supportive community to spiral upwards into a continually improving version of yourself.

Foundational Purpose: A more prepared you, who's not just ready to find love, but to build a love that lasts. The confidence to enter into marriage knowing you've laid a strong, purposeful foundation for a lifetime of happiness.

Who are we?

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  • Group Q&A Calls and Coaching
  • Masterclass Teachings
  • Community Support and Encouragement
  • Monthly Challenges
  • Member Spotlights
  • Special Interest Chats
  • Prayer Request Forum
  • Member Introductions

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